1940 Studebaker Coupe – Watch My New Painting Come To Life

I am very excited about this new painting that I'm working on, so I decided that I will share my creative process with you.  I started with a photo of a 1940s Studebaker that I took at the Waterdown car show.  The car has some nice lines, great shapes, and the grille has a lot of nice detail.  The reflections were perfect.  So I just have to paint it.

Here is the photo that I am starting with, I just love how you can see the trees and other cars reflected in the Studebaker's paint, there is so much amazing detail just in the reflections.

1940 Studerbaker Coupe Picture 1940 Studebaker Coupe - Doctored

Normally, when I start a new painting, I play with the photo in my editing program to get the desired symmetry and effect that I want.  Then I put the photo into my projector, and project the image onto the canvas, to draw the main lines with a pencil.  When I first begin the painting process I always start with dark purple for the shadows and the outline's.  I prefer not to use black.  If not used correctly, it can make some paintings look too dark or less crisp.  I will sometimes go back at the end with the black and add in a few details, but I prefer to use a really dark purple.  When I've added all the layers of the dark purple, it looks like midnight black.  I try to layer my paint, I start out with a very thin layer and just keep adding until it has the color and effect I am looking for.

1940 Studebaker Coupe 1 1940 Studebaker Coupe Progress 2 1940 Studebaker Coupe Progress 3

Watch my blog for new progress pictures of my new 1940s Studebaker Coupe painting.  My goal is to have this painting completed for our upcoming show in Kitchener this Sunday.

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