1940 Studebaker Coupe – Watch My Painting Come to Life – Part 2

I got some more work done on my new painting yesterday, I am really happy with how it is coming along.  Once I start on a piece I have a hard time stopping and have occasionally been know to paint through the night.  I had about 6 hours into the painting yesterday.  This painting is on a 12 x 6 canvas.

1940 Studebaker Coupe Progress 4 1940 Studebaker Coupe Progress 5 1940 Studebaker Coupe Progress 6

I probably have another 4 hours into the painting now, I am slowly filling in all the white with its first coat of color.  I plan to have all the color filled in by tonight.  This painting may be on the small side but it has a lot of fine detail, so I have only been using my 0 and 00 paint brushes.  After I get all the color filled in I will go in and add more layers to the colors to get the highlights and shadows just right so the car will really pop.  I have a feeling that filling in the rest of the color on the grill with take some time.

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