Custom Painting Studio Does Portraits Too!

Now I know that most people were expecting an update on my 1940 Studebaker Coupe painting today, but in the spirit of Family Day I thought I would debut a portrait of my daughter I've been working on.

Portrait of Sara and Benny

I will do some more work on her hands today then I will spend a few days studying it to best judge what still needs to be done.  At this point I usually hang it in my living room, so I can see it in a casual everyday setting.  I want to be sure that all my paintings look great under different lighting conditions and from a distance.  Its easy to make it look good up close, but I still want it to show off certain features, like for this painting my daughters beautiful eyes and smile(and Benny's too).

I hope everyone had a great Family Day today!

Check out the progress of Sara's Portrait Here!

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