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Custom Painting Studio’s “Jeep” Painting Sure Gets A Lot Of Attention!

Custom Painting Studio attended the 40th CVMG Paris Rally.  CMVG stands for Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group.  There were tons of super cool motorcycles to see.  We decided to bring the "Jeep" painting with us, even though Jeff only has 2 days into it.  We set it on the bumper of my Jeep, and people were stopping in their tracks when they saw it.  Hopefully my blog will have a few new followers now, as I told everyone that I would be posting lots of progress pictures of the painting.


Jeff has been working on getting the first layer of paint on the tires, suspension, and diffs of Brian's Jeep.  He will continue working on getting the first layer of paint down on the rest of the Jeep, then he will start working on the background.

On another note, we had a great time at the CMVG Rally, we met some cool people and it was also a record sales weekend too!

I will post some pictures from the show in the next day or two, but tomorrow I have to mail out some of the print orders we received over the weekend.  It's pretty difficult to carry art prints on your motorcycle so some of our sales from the weekend need to be mailed out.

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